Financing of an Energy-Neutral and Solar-Powered Real Estate Project in Baja California, Mexico, with a Focus on the Environment.


Cielo Mar Finans AB (publ) is participating in the financing of the Mexican company Procon Baja J.V., which is engaged in energy-neutral and environmentally friendly real estate development on the Baja California peninsula in Mexico.

Procon's project covers a total of over 2,000 hectares of land, including a 7.2 km-long coastline in the Rosario Bay on the Pacific Coast of Baja California, approximately 385 km south of San Diego, California (USA). The project consists of five phases and, when fully developed, will include approximately 7,000 single-family homes, about 3,000 apartments, hotels with a total of about 3,000 rooms, a marina, green areas and parks, a museum, stables and a riding center, beach club, conference center, water reservoirs, three eighteen-hole golf courses, and sports and tennis centers. The construction of phase 1 is now planned as the initial step.

All homes and other properties within Procon's project are equipped with solar panels in combination with battery storage and low-energy LED lighting. Garden and street lighting within the project are powered by solar energy, with each light source having its own storage and automatically turning on when the sun sets and off when the sun rises, charging during the day. It is an energy-neutral project that is not grid-connected, with backup from propane-powered and environmentally friendly generators during prolonged periods of high electricity consumption. Freshwater is produced through seawater desalination and/or through private freshwater wells with recycling of wastewater.

The nearby Cielo Valley will supply Cielo Mar with locally grown and organic products, including vegetables and fruits, as well as beef, pork, lamb, chicken, coffee, and wine. The goal is for Cielo Mar to be self-sufficient in all respects.


7 000


3 000 


3 000

Hotel rooms


Golf holes distributed across three different golf courses

Video-illustration of the projcet


Procon Baja JV Completes Development Plan for Cielo Mar - a 2,000-Hectare Premium Resort Area

Procon Baja JV has finalized an expansive development plan for Cielo Mar, a resort area spanning over 2,000 hectares, designed to meet international high standards. The site, boasting over seven kilometers of shoreline, is situated approximately 40 miles south of San Diego, USA, along the Pacific Coast of Baja California, within the geographical bounds of Mexico. The area is easily accessible by car, around a 4-hour drive from San Diego, or by air from Tijuana at the U.S. border, approximately 30 minutes away.

The name "Cielo Mar" derives from "Cielo," meaning "Sky," and "Mar," signifying "Sea." Cielo Mar is slated for multi-phase development, with the commencement of the initial phase, an expansion phase that has already received regulatory approval.

The first phase encompasses 550 single-family homes, 152 timeshare units, and a hotel. Additionally, there are plans for an 18-hole golf course with a clubhouse, event and conference center, and a 2-hectare beach and waterfront area. For a more detailed presentation of the project plan for phase 1, please refer to the video below.

The project's all-encompassing five phases comprise, when fully developed, approximately 7,000 single-family homes, around 3,000 apartments, a hotel with about 3,000 rooms, a marina, green areas and parks, a museum, stables and a riding center, beach club, conference center, water reservoirs, three eighteen-hole golf courses, and sports and tennis centers. All units are planned to be powered by solar energy in conjunction with batteries, ensuring self-sufficiency in electricity without connection to the power grid. As a backup, environmentally friendly and propane-powered generators will be installed for use during prolonged periods of high electricity consumption.

The primary target markets for the area are American and Canadian buyers of vacation properties. Significant interest is also anticipated from Mexican buyers, with some interest expected from Europe and Asia. However, the greatest interest is expected from North America, owing to its geographical proximity.

Over a million Americans live permanently in Mexico. In 2022, Mexico recorded approximately 66 million tourist visits, with around 30 percent of these visitors coming from North America. 

Baja California is rich in natural experiences and holds an exotic allure for many Americans and people worldwide. The Cielo Mar area is centrally located and offers proximity to a variety of natural experiences. Cielo Mar is also close to the midpoint between the major port in Ensenada and a new port and marina under construction in Santa Rosalíta, which will become the main port in the Escalera Nautica plan. Escalera Nautica is a plan for the development of several ports and marinas along the entire Pacific and Gulf coasts of the Baja Peninsula to promote tourism. Therefore, Cielo Mar is well-positioned and a vital, perhaps even a decisive, part of the plan that Mexican authorities have established to enhance and increase the flow of tourists to the Baja California peninsula.

Climate in Baja California

Air temperatures and temperature variations in Baja California are nearly identical to those in San Diego, where it never gets too hot or too cold – likely the primary reason San Diego is ranked as one of the best larger cities to live in the USA according to WalletHub. The temperature is pleasant, typically ranging from 10°C to 25°C throughout the year, rarely dropping below 7°C or exceeding 29°C.

Despite the comfortable temperatures year-round, the region experiences some of the highest levels of sunlight on Earth, making it ideal for solar energy production. This aspect is a key factor in the planning of the Cielo Mar project to be entirely energy-neutral through the utilization of solar energy. All vacation properties and other facilities are planned, as described, to be equipped with solar cells and panels to achieve the most energy-efficient electricity and hot water production possible.

The Pacific Coast, from southern California to south of the Cielo Mar location, benefits from the cooling effects of the California Current. The cooler water has a regulating effect on both air temperature and other factors influencing the weather, resulting in relatively constant weather conditions throughout all seasons.


Part of Cielo Mar beach

Hotel in phase 1 of Cielo Mar

El Rosario bay
“Punta Banda”

Solar irradiation over Baja California (Cielo Mar in the circle)

General plan for Cielo Mar's, all five phases

Section of Cielo Mar's over 7 km long beach strip

Section of Cielo Mar's landområde ut mot havet


Hollingshead & Associates PLLC

Kim Hollingshead is an attorney who has been providing specifically tailored services for real estate buyers and sellers for 15 years. He collaborates with Exit Realty, ensuring that transactions between buyers and sellers are conducted correctly and efficiently. The transactions are primarily conducted through Exit's online platform, where buyers and sellers meet electronically to finalize the deal, including the preparation of deeds and the registration of the new owner. This streamlined online process enhances the accuracy and efficiency of property transactions.

Solceller & Energi

Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou Inc.

Procon has entered into an agreement with Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou Inc. (ASP) for the supply of design resources and complete material kits for all five phases of the Cielo Mar project. ASP is a leading producer of thin-film solar cells, including standard solar cells and building-integrated cells that serve as both building materials and solar cells. The technology is based on Professor Wu's extensive research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the USA. ASP exports its products to 41 countries, in addition to domestic sales in China.

Thin-film solar cells are particularly well-suited for hot climates with abundant sunlight, as they are less sensitive to high temperatures, have higher efficiency in diffuse light, and are not as prone to shading issues as traditional silicon solar cells, for example. Another crucial factor is aesthetics. ASP's solar cells are visually appealing, a vital aspect of the project and a specific requirement from Procon's architects when selecting a collaborative partner and supplier for solar cell solutions.

Exit Reality

Procon has signed an agreement with Exit for the marketing and sales of all five phases of the project. Exit is one of the highest-ranked real estate brokerage firms in the USA and Canada, holding a significant market share in all American and Canadian cities. Exit employs a unique approach with its online platform, facilitating virtual property viewings, sales transactions, documentation, and deed acquisition.

Exit chose to enter into an agreement with Procon and Cielo Mar due to the project's extensive scope, covering over 2000 hectares divided into five phases, with a total estimated sales volume of approximately $4.7 billion USD. The project aligns well with Exit's profile, boasting around 600 agents, approximately 20,000 representatives, and a total annual sales volume in the USA exceeding $20 billion USD.


Procon's design and construction team include Estrada Engineering & Construction, a company also operating from Ensenada. It boasts over 25 architects and employs hundreds of construction workers.

With extensive experience spanning many years, Estrada Engineering & Construction has successfully designed and built numerous residential and commercial projects in Baja California. These projects range from business offices to multi-family residences, including a small marina located just 15 km from Cielo Mar. Estrada is led by its owner and founder, Juan Esteban Estrada Aguilar, and Chief Architect Victoria Rivera.


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