Board of directors & executive leadership

Kim Björkwall (1950)
CEO & board member


International Trade Education Franz Schartaus Gymnasium, Foreign Trade Education, Commercial and Maritime Education at the London School of Foreign Trade Ltd, London.

Experience & ongoing assignments: International Ship Broker 1974–2000. Business Development at Jacobson Resonance AB.

Currently holds trustee positions in the Trade Guild in Helsinki and organizes exclusive wine tastings. Kim has a vast Swedish and international network and is an experienced deal-maker.

Equity Holdings: 0 shares

Michael Hylander (1957)
Head of the board


MBA from Insead, Fontainebleau, Paris 1985

Experience & ongoing assignments: Michael has held several positions within the Axel Johnson Group, including sales of industrial equipment in South America. He has previously worked for JP Morgan in New York and Madrid. In addition to his chairmanship at Cielo Mar Finans AB (publ), Michael is the CEO of Repco S.L. in Madrid, a company in the food and packaging industry.

Equity Holdings: 693,955 shares

Linda Byrd (1970)
Board member


Economics with the pathway of marketing and sales.

Experience & ongoing assignments: Linda Byrd is the Chief Executive Officer of LIGA Homes, a publicly traded company in the USA and a division within LIGA Assets, Inc. Linda is a highly experienced broker and deal-maker with an impressive track record of sales over the years for EXIT Realty Elite, a division within one of the largest real estate franchises in the USA, EXIT Realty Corp International.

In 2019, Linda was appointed "Realtor of the Year," reflecting her passion for real estate combined with outstanding sales results. Linda will actively contribute to the sales process within Procon's Baja project.

Equity Holdings: 0 shares

Felix Avalos Jimenez (1954)
Board Member


Tourism and Administration at State University Baja California. Independent Courses in Landscape Architecture, Construction, Hotel, and Tourism Industry.

Experience & ongoing assignmentsFelix currently serves as the Public Relations Manager for the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels in Mexico and is a delegate for state tourism. He is a member of the wine commission for the 61st legislative session in Mexico City. Felix has excellent connections with decision-makers both locally and in Mexico City.

Equity Holdings: 0 shares

Largest owners

Number of shares
% of capital & votes

Rupes Futura AB

2 123 525


Lipco AB

1 415 255


Frederic Telander

1 415 255


K Öhlin Holding AB

800 000


Michael Hylander

693 955



4 277 551



10 725 541